Zooey Kirchner – An Athena Academy Alumni Shining a Light on VR Technologies

My interest in technology and devices all started with my personal device at Athena Academy. Without Athena Academy, I most likely would never have found my passion for VR. When I was 11, I got my first VR headset. It gave me this perspective to want to continue learning about it because in school I would have all these apps to use. In VR, it was the same but I could maneuver in all 6 degrees of freedom for what I wanted to express.

If Your Child is Struggling, Try Helping Them to Learn Outside the Classroom

Guest Author Tilda Moore, openeducators.org.

As a parent, seeing your child struggle at school or at home can be tough. First off, realize that you aren’t alone. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many kids have had trouble keeping up academically. While Athena Academy or your child’s school will provide the support they can, there is a lot you can do outside of the classroom to support your child’s scholastic success.

Athena Academy Partners with Silicon Valley Tech Startup

Since Athena was established in 2010, we have relied on and incorporated the findings of neuroscience and educational research. The latest research shows that dyslexic students learn best with visual-spatial teaching methods[1],[2], which are incorporated into Athena Academy’s specialized curriculum. Athena Academy also utilizes a strengths-based approach – teaching to often under-acknowledged strengths of dyslexic learners, rather than relying primarily on repetition, memorization or other traditional approaches.

The Arts Can Be an Amazing Outlet for Your Exceptional Child

Guest Author Tilda Moore, openeducators.org

As a parent of a child who learns differently, you spend a lot of time being told, often in the nicest and most well-meaning way possible, about what your child can’t do. You probably spend even more time, however, marveling at what kids CAN do: their special gifts and talents, their unique preferences and styles, and the things that light them up. If you haven’t already done so, encouraging your children to explore and be expressive through the arts can have enormous cognitive and emotional benefits for them.