Our Mission

Athena Academy educates first to eighth grade dyslexic children with compassion and expertise. We nurture the visual-spatial abilities and inherent strengths of students with dyslexia. Our students develop self-advocacy skills, open-mindedness, and creative problem-solving strategies.  Athena Academy graduates are ready to take risks, collaborate, and be changemakers in the world.

We accomplish this through:

  • Small class sizes and project based curriculum, which allow for individualized instruction
  • Incorporation of the innovative neuroscience and educational research
  • Our customized social emotional learning program
  • A focus on cognitive skills and learning strategies


Our Vision

Athena Academy’s vision is to become a leading institution for the teaching of dyslexic students.  We will achieve this vision by developing, applying, and validating innovative teaching methods based on scientific research, and then share these methods with others with the goal of serving as many dyslexic students as possible.