We provide a multi-sensory teaching style in a well-structured environment that provides support to the dyslexic learner prone to confusion or anxiety.

We offer a small student to teacher ratio where students will receive consistent individualized support.

With our focus on mastering broad concepts, we teach students to succeed in school and in life.

For reading, we focus on teaching whole word recognition before phonics, building on the dyslexic learner’s natural, picture-oriented learning style. In math, we focus on number sense, making learning hands on, open ended problem solving, and demonstrating the practical uses for math.


Dyslexic students have many gifts and we believe that they should be given opportunities to build on them and find success.

This is done through integrated, project based learning in age-leveled homeroom groups, and a robust performing, visual and technical arts program which includes music, theatre, art and technology classes.

Play the video to hear Jonathan Mooney, a writer and activist, speak about Athena’s approach to teaching dyslexic students.

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