Children Deserve a Place to Own Their Neurodiverse Talent

To create an environment where each child feels confident and believes in their wisdom, we combine conventional with pioneering methods to match the individual child. A child that feels academically and emotionally renewed will unlock their innate potential and embrace their unique abilities.

Small Class Sizes for individualized attention

Small Class Sizes for Individualized Attention

  • Elementary School Classroom ratio 8:1 (1st- 5th grades).
  • Middle School Classroom Ratio 10:1 (6th - 8th grades).

Flexible Placement base on readiness

Flexible Placement Based on Readiness

Students rotate teachers throughout the day and attend classes aligned with their mathematics and language arts readiness levels.

Teaching Methods

Our powerful instructional methods integrate into the entire program.

Social Emotional Learning

To enhance self-understanding and appreciation of others, students explore self-expression, problem-solving, and learn to foster relationships that increase their Emotional Quotient.

Project-Based Curriculum

Students learn by doing. Students learn by actively engaging in real-world and personally meaningful projects.

Concept Mastery

  • Clay modeling turns words and symbols into a tactile, interactive learning experience.
  • Structured Word Inquiry is a scientific investigation of words: how word parts, structure, origin, and history come together over time to tell the story of what words mean, how they are connected, and how they are spelled.
  • EmPOWER Writing Program allows student's ideas to blossom.
  • Real-world problems and hands-on manipulatives uncover math's application, beauty, and logic.
  • Immersive, engaging science and social studies make learning an adventurous exploration.


Teaching Philosophy

Emphasizing Strengths

Students' visual-spatial strengths are celebrated and utilized throughout a project-based curriculum that includes robust performing, visual, and technical arts like music, theater, art, and technology.

Holistic Learning Approach

Focus on the gifts and needs of the whole child, from academics to social and emotional skills.

Multi-Sensory Teaching

Reduce confusion and anxiety through structured environments.

Individualized Support

Give Students personalized attention and care through low student-to-teacher ratios.


Individualized Learning


Students are encouraged to explore areas of interest, from the books they read to how they share their learning, for a highly personalized experience.

Build Essential Skills

Executive functioning skills, self-awareness, and advocacy skills are woven throughout all classes.

Enhance Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Students gain greater self-awareness and develop essential interpersonal skills like active listening, clear communication, and problem-solving. Our approach builds empathy, resilience, and a strong sense of community.


Ann Boswell

Anne Boswell Discusses Athena Academy's Innovative Model

Forget What You Learned Podcast

Host Cory Greenberg talks with Athena Academy’s Admissions Director, Anne Boswell about Athena’s unique formula that combines a cutting edge, research-based approach to dyslexia education with project-based learning.

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A gift from Jonathan Mooney

Award-winning writer, entrepreneur, and activist for neurodiversity Jonathan Mooney speaks to you about Athena’s unique approach to teaching dyslexic students.

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