Meet Our Students

Evan, 7th grade
Evan, 7th grade

"Athena is different from other schools because my teachers take the time to teach me things until I understand."

I feel good at school! People make me feel good about myself and who I am.
My favorite project has been the roller coaster building because its fun to work in a group and get feedback and support. I liked the flexibility to work with people from other classes.

What I like about Athena is that it is not that big. I like my smaller classes because it is easier to get my teacher's attention and if you make a mistake its okay. They will just tell you what to do better.

My favorite thing is that you can make friends really easily and you can always ask anyone for help.

"My teachers are nice to me and I like them because they make things fun and because they help me 'get it' when I'm stuck."

My favorite things about school are the makerspace and the art lab because I get to pick out whatever materials I want and make really cool stuff.

I love the math and language arts projects we do. My favorite project was when we learned about time in math class because I got to build a water timer.

At school I always feel like I'm going to have a fun day. I have lots of friends who are nice to me and I'm so glad.

Athena is different because it is smaller and not too crowded and there's less kids in every room so I get to ask more questions.

Bailey, 4th grade
Bailey, 4th grade
Vivian, 3rd grade
Vivian, 3rd grade

"I like Ms. Joan because she's such a nice teacher and she helps me...we have fun."

I enjoy being able to run under the hose during lunch on really hot days!

Words from Our Parents

"The teachers are skillful and devoted. The whole school is student centered, responsive, and just wonderful. We feel really lucky and would strongly recommend the school to anyone with a dyslexic child."

"Talking to another parent at a recent school community event, we reflected on what a transformative effect Athena has had on our kids. The school has restored their confidence in themselves as learners. They are relaxed, enthusiastic, feeling capable and excited to learn. We've learned a lot about our child's strengths since we've been here."
- parent

"I think our son regained his self confidence at Athena Academy."

"When our son Zooey was in 5th grade, our family life was in turmoil. Despite his best efforts, he was not able to keep up with the workload. His teachers were not sympathetic and thought he was just lazy or careless. We had him assessed at the end of 5th grade and the counselors both highly recommended Athena Academy as a good fit. Zooey is clearly very much a visual spatial learner. I did not understand the differences in learning styles until the information session at Athena. At Athena, he embraced the fact he is a visual spatial learner."
- parent
Zooey has been thriving since leaving Athena Academy. Read his story and see what he's up to now on our News Page.

Life at Athena Academy

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